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How to Choose A Suitable Laser Cleaning Machine?

How to choose a suitable laser cleaning machine

How to Choose A Suitable Laser Cleaning Machine?

Laser cleaning is a process that uses a high-powered laser beam to clean metal surfaces. Using laser cleaning can remove oil, paint, rust, and other pollutants on metal parts without damaging the substrate. However, the market price of laser cleaning machine ranges from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the quality of the equipment on the market is also uneven.
So, how should you choose the right laser cleaning machine for your project? This article lists some factors that you need to consider when purchasing a laser cleaning machine. Understanding them will be very helpful for you to purchase a laser cleaning machine.
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What is laser cleaning

What is laser cleaning?

Also known as laser descaling, laser cleaning is a non-contact process that easily removes rust, paint, oxides, and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Laser cleaning uses the method of laser ablation, when the laser is focused on the area covered by the pollutants, the coating absorbs the light, the chemical bonds are broken down, and the pollutants become gas and are removed by the high-pressure gas. Laser cleaning is a very precise cleaning process that has little effect on the surface of the substrate.
Laser cleaning has entered people’s lives with its significant advantages such as less damage, high cleaning precision, zero emissions, and no pollution, and has proven the powerful potential of laser cleaning in hundreds of industries such as automobiles, aviation, and industry. With this advantage, laser cleaning technology is gradually replacing traditional cleaning methods such as chemical cleaning and sandblasting.
What kind of laser cleaning machine do I need

What kind of laser cleaning machine do I need?

Before choosing a suitable laser cleaning machine, you need to understand your cleaning goals and applications. Considering the following issues, you can help you discuss your needs with experts.

  • The general size, area, and geometric shape of cleaning parts.
  • Material material.
  • Type and thickness of coating pollutants.
  • The expected clean type, speed, and time.
  • Expecting cleanliness.
After discussion, your supplier will well understand your application and propose the best solution for you. The successful standards of laser solutions will be measured from a technical perspective and operation perspective. First of all, your needs are the goal. As a professional laser cleaning machine. manufacturer, ACCTEK Laser will provide you with customized laser cleaning solutions based on your budget and needs.
How to choose a suitable laser cleaning machine

How to choose a suitable laser cleaning machine?

Laser cleaners are used to remove dirt, rust, paint, and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood. It is becoming more and more popular in all walks of life for its efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning capabilities. When choosing the right laser cleaning machine, you need to consider several factors to ensure you choose the right equipment for your specific needs.
The right laser cleaning machine will provide you with the best laser cleaning solution with the expected performance. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

Type of material to be cleaned

The type of material that needs to be cleaned will determine the power and wavelength of the laser required. For example, if you need to clean metal surfaces, you need a laser generator with higher power output and shorter wavelengths. Conversely, if you need to clean fragile surfaces like ceramic or glass, you will need a laser generator with a lower power output and longer wavelength.

Pulse duration

The pulse duration of a laser cleaner is also an important factor to consider. Pulse duration refers to the duration of the laser pulse. Shorter pulse durations are better for cleaning small areas, while longer pulse durations are better for cleaning larger areas.

Type of laser generator

The type of laser generator used in a laser cleaning machine is critical as it determines the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Laser sources commonly used in laser cleaning machines include continuous fiber laser generators and pulsed fiber laser generators.
CW laser generators produce a constant flow of energy and can clean continuously without interruption, so the cleaning speed is relatively fast. While pulsed fiber laser generators periodically generate intermittent laser frequencies, driven to achieve high energy surges that eject contaminants with minimal thermal impact, they are primarily used for precision cleaning tasks, where cleaning speed is less important.

Type of laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machines are mainly divided into two system types, which are handheld and large cabinets. Different types of laser cleaning equipment are suitable for different tasks and locations. By using appropriate cleaning equipment, the expected cleaning effect and efficiency can be achieved.

  • Handheld: Handheld laser cleaning systems are mostly provided for portable, and they can be put in the box. The weight of these portable laser cleaning machines usually does not exceed 20kg, so it is very suitable for projects that need to move and complex surface shapes. The laser cleaning gun held by the operator can be accurately located and can clean the details and corners that could not be reached on the large workpiece. For projects that need to be cleaned and have limited budgets, handheld laser cleaning machines will be the best choice.
  • Large cabinet type: The cabinet laser cleaning system is equipped with a shell. You can place the materials that need to be cleaned in it and clean the laser system by remotely controlling the laser system, to maximize the safety of the operator. According to the system type, the operator may also need to perform other tasks, such as opening doors, triggering table rotation, and managing fixed devices.
The cabinet cleaning system is suitable for cleaning small materials and mass cleaning. It integrates the program into your production line. Through repeated operation options, it can greatly improve your cleaning efficiency.

Laser power

The power output of the laser cleaning machine will determine whether it removes the speed and efficiency of surface pollutants. Higher power output will allow faster cleaning, but it may also increase the risk of damage to the clean surface. The lower power output may take longer to clean, but it may be more suitable for fragile materials.

  • Low-power laser cleaning machine: Low-power laser cleaning machines (20W-100W) can provide mild and high-precision cleaning. It can remove slight rust, which is very suitable for historical restoration to coat and process small-area cleaning areas.
  • Mid-power laser cleaning machine: Mid-power laser cleansing power is usually between (200W-300W), and it is very suitable for removing medium-level rust or oils on metal components. Because the power of the laser is higher, the cleaning speed is faster, but it also generates more calories. Therefore, an effective laser cleaning machine cooling equipment is needed, which may increase initial costs.
  • High-power laser cleaning machine: High-power laser cleaning machines are used to deal with heavier metals. The power of these machines is usually 350W-20000W even as high as 3000W in some cases. It can eliminate stubborn metal corrosion and is suitable for professional projects such as nuclear decontamination, so it has become an ideal choice for industrial use.

Cleaning area and speed

Consider the size and type of surfaces that need to be cleaned, as well as the speed of cleaning required. Laser cleaners come in a variety of sizes and scan widths, which affect cleaning area and speed. Smaller beam sizes allow for more precise cleaning but may take longer to clean larger surface areas. Larger machines with higher scan speeds are suitable for industrial-scale cleaning, while smaller machines are suitable for smaller surfaces or more delicate applications.

Control systems and automation

The control system of the laser cleaning machine determines the ease of use, precision, and versatility of the equipment. Look for machines with an intuitive user interface, adjustable parameters, and customizable cleaning modes to meet your specific cleaning requirements. Automated features such as auto-scan, programmability, and safety interlocks increase productivity and reduce downtime due to operator error.


Laser cleaning involves the use of a high-energy laser beam, which can be dangerous if not managed properly, so safety should be a top consideration when choosing a laser cleaning machine. Make sure your laser cleaning machine has adequate safety features, such as enclosed workspaces, interlocks, and safety sensors, to protect operators and bystanders from potential laser hazards.
We want you to be able to operate the machine safely, so we will provide you with relevant training on the operation of the laser cleaning machine—including safety precautions, equipment operation, maintenance skills, and correct troubleshooting strategies. When used properly, laser cleaning is the safest way to remove contaminants.

Service and support

After purchasing a laser cleaning machine, most buyers may encounter some difficulties during use, such as operational problems or an inability to debug independently. In these cases, being able to quickly get in touch with after-sales staff to resolve the issue via email, phone, or video will save time and cost a lot.
A series of service issues are closely related to the industry qualifications of laser cleaning machine manufacturers, so it is very important to choose a reputable company. It is recommended that you consider the manufacturer qualification of laser cleaning equipment before purchasing, and it is necessary to re-understand its capabilities by following up with existing cooperative consumers.


Through market price comparison, you may find that the prices offered by different laser cleaning machine manufacturers vary greatly. For example, the price of the most basic laser cleaning machine is only 6500-8500 US dollars. The price of a laser cleaning machine can vary greatly depending on the size, power, and capabilities of the machine. While cost is an important consideration, it should be balanced against the machine’s performance, reliability, and suitability for your specific cleaning needs. You should also consider maintenance and repair costs, as well as any other accessories or software that may be required.
AccTek Laser, as a professional laser cleaning machine manufacturer, will provide you with the most suitable laser cleaning machine for you. You only need to tell us your needs and budget, and our professional engineering team will provide you with customized laser cleaning solutions. AccTek Laser will be your most loyal partner on the road to success.
Where do I need laser cleaning

Where do I need laser cleaning?

Laser cleaning is a non-contact surface cleaning process that uses a focused laser beam to remove surface contamination and impurities. Laser cleaning has many advantages over traditional cleaning methods, it does not use chemical solvents and does not generate waste.

  • Metal parts: Laser cleaning is widely used in industrial applications to clean metal parts. It removes rust, oxide, paint, grease, and other contaminants from metal surfaces without damaging the underlying material. Metal components in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and marine often require laser cleaning to ensure proper surface preparation for subsequent processes such as welding, painting, or coating.
  • Restoration of historical artifacts: Laser cleaning is also used to restore artifacts such as statues, sculptures, paintings, and historic buildings. It is a non-contact, non-abrasive cleaning method that removes dirt, soot, and other contaminants from delicate surfaces without damaging or altering the original material.
  • Electronic components: Electronic devices such as circuit boards, sensors, and semiconductors can be sensitive to traditional cleaning methods involving solvents or abrasive materials. Laser cleaning can be used to remove contaminants from these delicate parts without causing any damage, making it ideal for cleaning delicate electronic components.
  • Medical equipment: Laser cleaning is also used in the medical industry to clean and sterilize medical devices such as surgical instruments and implants. It effectively removes biofilm, debris, and contaminants from surgical instruments, endoscopes, dental tools, and implants without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives, ensuring a high level of cleanliness and sterility.
  • Semiconductor industry: Laser cleaning is used in the semiconductor industry to clean wafers, masks, and other components used in the manufacture of microchips and electronic devices. It can also be used to remove contaminants such as photoresists, particles, and residues from the surface of semiconductor materials without damaging delicate structures, ensuring a high-quality production process.
  • Aerospace: Laser cleaning is used in the aerospace industry to clean engine components, aircraft surfaces, and critical components. It removes contaminants such as carbon deposits, coatings, and paint from aircraft surfaces, engine blades, and other components without damaging the underlying material, ensuring optimum performance and safety.
Overall, laser light is an efficient and versatile cleaning technology that can precisely and efficiently remove contaminants, coatings, and residues from a wide variety of materials without damaging the underlying material or altering its properties. It offers several advantages over traditional cleaning methods, including increased precision, reduced waste, and increased safety.


By considering all the factors mentioned above, you can choose the right laser cleaning machine to meet your needs and ensure an efficient and safe cleaning operation. It is always recommended to consult an experienced professional or laser cleaning machine supplier for guidance and assistance in selecting the proper machine for your particular application.
AccTek Laser focuses on the design, production, and sales of laser cleaning machines, we can provide you with laser cleaning machines from 100 watts to 3000 watts. If you are considering a laser cleaning machine, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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