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Technical Support Services

AccTek Laser provides technical support services worldwide, no matter where you are, we will provide you with technical support. Our global service network consists of 15 subsidiaries and distributors covering different sectors and providing technical support, training, service interventions, and spare parts.
We have technicians and engineers deployed around the world to enable rapid response when service is required. Our close service network means service support is close at hand. Additionally, phone analysts are available to help resolve issues over the phone. Service support related to intelligent laser equipment can also be conducted through a high-speed Internet connection and virtual services, so engineers can view your machine functions in real-time to assist in troubleshooting work. Fast analysis of faults increases the availability of your machines.

Technical Support Services

Fast And Professional

Fast And Professional

A team of engineers proficient in all technologies and their applications, ready to provide you with fast and accurate support. Because of the remote connection, all critical issues can be effectively managed.



No matter where you are in the world, one of our 15 service centers is at your service and will meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Service Intervention

Service Intervention

If it is necessary to replace the spare parts of the machine, a service engineer will soon come to your factory to help you restart the production of the machine. We aim to maximize uptime and manufacturing efficiency by intervening directly and quickly.

Technical Support Upgrade/Powerful Factory Technical Support

For extremely complex cases, AccTek Laser has set up a “Technical Support Escalation” to immediately engage the most suitable technical team to obtain the best solution in the shortest possible time. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!
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Support Line And Virtual Service

Training Services

At AccTek Laser, we’re passionate about better ideas. Whether it is pushing the limits of technology and design of intelligent laser equipment, or bringing AccTek Laser users together to share new and innovative laser application concepts, we are committed to meeting every challenge with ingenuity and rigor.
Our laser education and training courses are designed to give you a solid foundational skill set to be able to reap the benefits of your machine right away. Whether it is new or existing intelligent laser equipment, AccTek Laser will provide you with training services.
When it comes to supporting, maintenance, and training, we provide you with a comprehensive library of resources, training videos, and online courses to ensure you are prepared to operate your machine properly. In addition to the machine’s operation and maintenance videos, we also provide digital training services designed to provide you with a solid foundation in basic laser cutting, laser welding, laser engraving, and laser marking skills.
For more information on our video resources and digital training services, please call or submit an inquiry to our team. We’re happy to discuss the next steps and answer any questions.
AccTek Laser’s laser application specialists are highly trained and experienced professionals with years of experience in laser applications for laser cutting, laser welding, laser engraving, and laser marking. Our laser application experts will demonstrate laser technology and share real examples of how AccTek Laser’s laser technology can impact your business in terms of time, money, and art.
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Training Services-2
Training Services-3
Training Services-4

Preventive Maintenance And Machine Upgrades

Today, preventive maintenance is more than simply oil changes and lubrication. AccTek Laser maintenance tasks are machine-specific, include dozens of different measurements, adjustments, and software checks, and should only be performed by OEM-trained personnel.

Preventive Maintenance

AccTek Laser machines are designed to operate reliably and provide years of total productivity. However, the long-term operation of the machine requires proper maintenance and service. Who is more qualified to carry out this work? Engineers trained and licensed by AccTek Laser, of course.
With AccTek Laser’s preventive maintenance program, engineers visit your facility during the contract period. You can choose the cycle that best suits your needs, or we can recommend the ideal time frame for service and keep your machinery running efficiently.
AccTek Laser’s preventive maintenance program provides an exceptional standard of service. This is the smartest way to defend and protect your productivity. Using this program, your operation will benefit, as described below.

  • Improve performance with properly tuned and calibrated machines.
  • Maintain according to factory specifications.
  • Reliable, qualified, and experienced technicians familiar with the equipment.
  • Spare parts discount.
  • Priority of emergency service calls.
  • Virtual service prices halved as part of preventive maintenance.
  • Training, operational recovery, and software for special conditions.
Preventive Maintenance-1
Preventive Maintenance-2
Machine Upgrade

Machine Upgrade

Modern laser cutting machines can be upgraded with new features and functions over the long life of the machine. AccTek Laser’s modular engineering philosophy allows the use of many solutions to increase performance and versatility and to increase the level of automation. It is thus possible to upgrade machines or manufacturing systems even years after the original installation (each case must be analyzed). When adding new functions to already used production technology, it can cope with more diverse production tasks and provide higher production efficiency. Planning and realizing these possibilities is an important part of AccTek Laser machine service.

  • Update the machine to the latest generation.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Enhanced function.
  • Industry 4.0 (Smart Manufacturing).
  • Extended service life.

Spare Parts And Consumables

Spare parts and consumables can ensure that the machine works correctly, and smoothly, and maintains the best performance for a long time. Our global logistics network system can provide all kinds of spare parts directly in the thread in the shortest time.
Using genuine spare parts and consumables ensures that your machine remains at peak productivity. We provide you with the latest spare parts and consumables, with fast and convenient delivery. We guarantee the best prices for our customers.
You can rely on our well-trained team to provide you with professional repair services for components such as laser heads, laser sources, controllers, and circuit boards.
Sometimes, you even need us to provide durable machine spare parts to keep the expansion potential of your machine. The spare parts we supply are of the same high quality as the machines themselves and are optimized for long-lasting performance. Using our supply of spare parts guarantees the fastest delivery, reducing downtime and increasing profits.
In our parts department, you will find an extensive parts inventory with most items always in stock. 95% of spare parts orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. To minimize downtime, our parts department will ship the same day.
Order Parts Online
Order Parts Online
High Quality Parts
High Quality Parts
Consumables Contract
Consumables Contract
Technical Description
Technical Description
Parts Repair
Parts Repair
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

Software Support

We will regularly help users update software maintenance packages to keep machines and working software up-to-date and stable.
AccTek Laser offers you state-of-the-art complete CAD/CAM support: from telephone hotline and remote support to updates and program extensions, to seminars and expert conversations.
Software is an important part of intelligent laser equipment. In an ever-changing technological environment, the software requires regular maintenance and adjustments to business needs over time. Therefore, AccTek Laser is committed to continuously improving machine PC software as well as factory and office software solutions according to the latest trending technology.
  • Remote service support up to 24/7 for CAD/CAM, system software releases, and offline software.
  • Immediately address reported software issues in business-critical application areas.
  • Guaranteed availability of product specialists within agreed reaction times.
  • Phone support.
  • Remote desktop support.
  • Service request upload.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Critical bug fixes/fixes.