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How To Choose The Right Laser Cutting Machine?

How to choose the right laser cutting machine

How To Choose The Right Laser Cutting Machine?

A laser cutting machine is an automated cutting device that uses a smart digital control system and laser beam to cut various materials. The laser beam is composed of a very thin, invisible but focusing laser beam. It can cut various materials from leather to non-metal and has a wide range of applications.
So how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine? In addition to considering the budget of personal purchasing machines, it is also necessary to carefully consider the laser cutting machine equipment. This guide will help you choose the laser-cutting machine that is most suitable for you.
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What can you use to use a laser cutting machine?

The working principle of the laser cutting machine is to focus the laser beam to a very small diameter through the lens, usually, 0.1 ~ 0.4 mm, and the focusing laser beam is cut or etched into your design, image, or text on various materials. Place the material in the working area of the machine, and the laser cutting machine automatically cuts or carves the material to achieve complex and accurate effects. Because the depth of laser cutting is shallow, it is about 25 mm. It is often used to cut metals such as steel, aluminum, tungsten, brass, nickel, or iron.
Therefore, laser cutting is mainly used for processing metal plates and frame structures. It is very useful in all areas of electronics, medicine, the defense industry, medical care, and automotive industries.
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How to choose a suitable laser-cutting machine?

The price of the laser cutting machine

Your purchase budget is one of the important considerations and usually determines which laser-cutting machine you choose and use. Many customers will consider the ratio of capital investment to output before buying laser-cutting machines. For example, small enterprises generally do not have much budget to buy high-power laser machines, especially new users and small workshops. So before buying a machine, you need to figure out which machine is more cost-effective for you.
The cheapest laser cutting machine starts with a starting price of about 300 pounds, has low power and a small cutting size, and new users are more likely to use it. Sex also corresponds to elevation. While considering the appropriate price range, the quality and performance of the machine are still more important considerations.

The power of the laser-cutting machine

After carefully examining your operations, can this machine go to purchase can this machine meet your production requirements? The laser power is reflected in the cutting thickness and cutting speed. Select a machine that matches the required power.
The power output of the machine will determine the workload that can be cut. For example, you only intend to use laser cutting paper or cardboard. Then 25 watts of laser sources are sufficient, but for metal materials with good reflection and conductive characteristics such as copper and aluminum, you may need a 6-kW power laser beam; The higher the number of meters in minutes, the faster the cutting speed, and the greater the power of the machine.

The bed size of the laser cutting machine

There are three main types of laser on the market, namely diode laser, CO2 laser, and optical fiber laser. Laser-cutting machines of different types have different sizes. Before buying a laser cutting machine, determine the maximum size of the cutting material, which will determine the minimum size of the cutting machine.
In addition to considering the size of the material, you also need to measure whether the size of the laser cutting machine you intend to buy is suitable for your factory workshop to eliminate the bulky machine occupying most working spaces and inconvenient movement. Different industries need to match machines with different bed sizes. For example, the acrylic industry, according to the size of the acrylic board, usually requires a laser cutting machine of 900*1300mm operation size.

The size and hardness of the cutting material

The types and hardness you cut will determine the type of laser cutting machine you need. Different laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting different materials. When cutting reflexes and conductive materials, choose a fiber laser cutting machine. In terms of the hardness of the material, the thicker the cutting material, the greater the required power. For example, if you want to cut the cutting 2 mm or thicker steel requires at least 500 watts of power.

The type of software system

As the speed of machine iteration is getting faster and faster, today, the pursuit of higher production efficiency has become the key point for machine manufacturer competition. It is a clear sign to keep paying attention to and enhance the interconnection between machines and software systems.
In many cases, the manufacturer will use software packs that most people are used to, but before buying, we better ask if the software can work efficiently on the new laser cutting machine, and whether it can also run the workshop already existing in the workshop. If other machines, if the specifications between the machine and the software system are different, it means that each time the machine works, it is necessary to consume a lot of labor and time for debugging and conversion, which will be very costly.


Do you plan to run only for a few hours a day or multiple shifts? Whether your laser cutting machine configuration can help you complete the production goals, is especially important today because machine configuration is one of the main factors affecting the speed of laser cutting. For example, a rotation tool with an attached round object is used to make it more likely to have more possibilities than cutting planes.
The cutting angle is more comprehensive, eliminating the replacement time of the cutting tool. According to the different models, you can choose the attachment that may be needed to ensure the best performance of the machine.

Brand warranty and after-sales service

You need to pay attention to some matters when looking for suppliers to buy laser machines. First of all, select a company with rich experience, high customer service quality, and capable of providing support for support. Of course, the premise of ensuring production efficiency is to consider the warranty of the manufacturer. Each machine needs to be properly maintained to operate stably. Most of the products enjoy a year warranty, and some advanced models have longer warranty periods.
In addition, you should also check the services that can be provided when buying, and pay attention to the warranty terms and conditions. If you cannot guarantee that you can repair the machine, it is recommended to consider providing a longer warranty period or a sales company.

Check reasonable security measures

Machine safety covers electrical safety, laser safety, and machine safety (motion components). When selecting machines, you can do some fast and simple inspections. First, check the type of locking on the laser room door. The type of magnetic “reed switch” or the “limit switch” type is easy to fail. The second is to check the visibility of the laser nozzle. Once the switch is turned off (or illuminated with light), the nozzle or working surface cannot be directly seen.


These are the eight major matters you should consider before buying a laser-cutting machine. If the machine you consider fails to pass these basic inspections, it may indicate that the machine has many additional safety problems, it is best to consider using another machine. After considering these issues, obtaining quotations based on feedback can reduce the selection of laser-cutting machine suppliers. Ask about your problem during the device demonstration and strive to strive for acceptable prices.
Laser cutting machine is a high-speed industry, which is gradually updating our manufacturing method. If you want to know more information about these aspects, visit, and you will find a satisfactory machine in it. Please contact us to get a complete laser solution.
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