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What Is The Price of A Laser Cutting Machine

What Is The Price of A Laser Cutting Machine

What Is The Price of A Laser Cutting Machine

Laser-cutting equipment can provide enterprises with fast and efficient metal-cutting and carving methods. Laser cutting and carving projects are more accurate and environmentally friendly than most cutting technologies. And, after cutting, there is no need to remove the burrs or precise processing again. The application of amateur enthusiasts and small commercials to large-scale manufacturing businesses. The use of laser cutting machines is very wide, and it can almost find a laser cutting machine suitable for them.
No matter what kind of equipment, the price factor has a certain impact on the willingness of the customer to purchase. For example, when consulting, the first sentence that customers often ask is: “What is the price of a laser cutting machine?” The price and cost of laser-cutting machines fluctuate greatly according to the design, type, and power of the different lasers.
If you have decided that your company needs a laser cutting machine, but it is not sure what the cost is or which price is more suitable for you. In this article, we will discuss the price of different types of laser cutting machines and the factors affecting the price.
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What is the price of a laser cutting machines

What is the price of a laser cutting machine?

A laser cutting machine is an automated cutting device that uses intelligent digital control systems and laser beams on metal, acrylic, rubber, wood, plywood, plastic, leather, foam, textiles, and other materials. Almost all materials can be adapted. This feature prompted laser cutting machines in sheet metal processing, cabinet manufacturing, advertising signboards, agricultural machinery, automotive accessories, sports equipment, and other industries. Compared with manual and mechanical cutting tools, laser cutting is more flexible, can cut various materials with different thicknesses, and obtain unlimited shapes. From entry-level to high-end type equipment, the price of a fiber laser cutting machine ranges from $ 8800 to $ 260,000. Low-end laser cutting machines are very suitable for DIY enthusiasts. They are usually used to cut plastics and other non-metals, which are cheap and portable. But for more standard commercial mass production, you need a professional metal laser cutting machine.
Why are the price differences between different machines so much? The differences in the type, configuration, power, and brand after-sales of the machine are all factors that affect the price of laser-cutting machines.
What are the factors that affect the price of laser cutting machines

What are the factors that affect the price of laser cutting machines?

Laser type

Due to the cost of laser optical equipment, the type of laser is usually the biggest factor that affects the price of laser cutting machines. Three main types of laser generators used for cutting are CO2 laser, diode laser, and fiber laser. Fiber laser is a more expensive choice. The initial investment cost is high, but its processing efficiency is the best. The service life is extended to about 100,000 hours. With the surface of the material, the perfect cutting and carving of a variety of materials are achieved.

Laser power

The power of the equipment directly affects its price. The higher the power, the higher the price. Before asking for a quote, you must consider the size and thickness you want to cut, as well as the cutting speed and capacity you need. The power of ordinary fiber laser cutting machines is generally 1000-6000w. It can cut some thinner metal materials and is relatively cheap. In addition, using a high-power laser cutting machine means that thicker and more precise materials can be cut.

Working desk size

Manufacturers usually provide a variety of standard beds. According to the workpiece size you need to process, select the laser cutting machine or sculptor in the corresponding working size area. Standard size is the constant specifications provided by the manufacturer. According to the size of the workbench, the common cutting tables are 2×3, 4×8, 5X10, 6X12, etc. Some manufacturers also provide customized machine tools to meet the specific requirements of customers. Being more expensive. The larger the size of the workbench, the higher the price. This is because the advanced driving control system and higher power equipment are required to make and drive large-scale machines.

Machine configuration

When buying a laser cutting machine, it is important to consider the specific configuration. First of all, pay attention to the production model and specifications of the machine. The specific model specifications are different and the configuration is different. A laser is a device for laser cutting machines for laser. At present, there are two main types of laser generators sold on the market: domestic optical fiber lasers and imported fiber lasers. Domestic optical fiber laser prices are cheap and are mainly used for low-power cutting. The price of machines using domestic lasers is relatively low. Different functions and prices will also change.
Pay attention to whether the existing function of the machine can meet the cutting target. For example, some optical fiber laser cutting machine shafts cannot meet the demand, have no automatic knife-changing function, etc. Do not be controlled by low prices.

Brand Services

The brand is a good logo looking for high-quality laser cutting machines or carving machines. Good brands provide high-quality products with extreme safety prevention measures, equipped with high-end sensors, circuits, key locks, etc. to ensure safe operation, higher costs, and better machine quality. On the other hand, there are some brands to provide low-cost laser-cutting machines to reduce manufacturing quality and functions. This machine may not have an effective warranty and often encounters many obstacles when contacting manufacturers and solving problems.
Different manufacturers provide services such as technical support, replacement cycle, warranty, and upgrade of their machines. When you purchase a brand that provides good after-sales service, you can enjoy worry-free operation and timely customer support.
How to buy an affordable laser cutting machine

How to buy an affordable laser cutting machine?

So how to buy an affordable laser-cutting machine? According to your business needs, you can understand the functions and basic parameters of laser cutting machines, such as considering the size, and do your working area has enough space to place the machine. If your working space is small, then you can choose to buy a small cutting machine.
Try to choose a brand manufacturer with a high market share and a sound after-sales service system. As a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, AccTek provides you with strong processing backing to meet all your manufacturing and production needs, including board laser cutting. Laser cleaning and welding, such as this laser cutting machine AKJ1530F, which has a high-cost performance ratio, which can cut 6-16mm thick carbon steel plates and 3-8mm thick stainless steel plates; The bed does not deform, and the effective service life can reach 25 years. The domestic first-class stretch laser generator has higher electro-light conversion efficiency, higher and stable optical quality; equipped to Run smoothly.
If you still have other unsolved laser-cutting machine prices, please contact us at any time. AccTek provides you with a full set of services, including procurement process consulting, quotation, working conditions evaluation, ordering, production, quality control, transportation, customs clearance, and after-sales support. I believe our excellent laser CNC machine tools will bring you more benefits.
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